Open House: Bamboo Road

Open House: Bamboo Road

What: Open House for Bamboo Road
Where: 1824 Murray Ave. Suite 3o1
When: Tuesday July 19th from 4-7pm

Join us to celebrate the opening of our new o?ce and learn how our work may compliment yours! Bring a business card to enter our drawing for a complimentary session.

More about the practitioners at Bamboo Road:

Barbara Solomon RN, LAc, has been a nurse since 1985, an acupuncturist since 2003. In addition, she is a Reiki Master, certi?ed Qi Gong instructor and is pro?cient in re?exology and Chinese massage.

Barbara has worked in the healthcare ?eld since the late 70’s in a variety of areas including doctor’s o?ces, ICU, clinical research, and private practice and has come to understand and embrace the mind/body connection.

Barbara returned to Pittsburgh from Oregon in 2010, the same year she was introduced to Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, a fascinating vibrational healing system. She is very excited to be able to o?er Pittsburgh a number of exceptional treatment modalities.

Amber Baker CMT, RYT is a transformative practitioner who utilizes both body-based and energetic techniques to bring the body, the emotions, and the soul back into balance. These address the root cause of dis-ease, stress, as well as mental/ emotional imbalance allowing the body to be informed by greater states of health, wellness, and connectedness.

While working simultaneously in the ?elds of social work and natural health for over 10 yrs., Amber has gained in-depth experience working within the eastern and western systems of healing.

Bridging the gaps between them, she has found them complimentary, tremendously e?ective and bene?cial in her work with autism, physical illness, mental/emotional patterns and many other variations of imbalance.

Amber is a facilitator and practitioner of Massage/Bodywork, Soul Memory Discovery, Reconnective Healing, and Sound Healing. She is an instructor of Kundalini Yoga and has extensive experience in Native American Ceremony and the Sri Vidya Tantric Yoga System.

Judith Levy M.Ed., CEHP, RMT is an intuitive practitioner grounded in both the traditional psychotherapeutic and educational principals of behavioral change as well as in the alternative principles of energy health practices including Reiki and Thought Field Therapy.

She has a gi5 for combining various energy practices with attention to behavior and thoughts while implementing those practices to address energetic disturbances according to the special needs of each client.

Areas of assistance include achieving goals and overcoming obstacles to success, reducing stress, managing/supporting and improving emotional and physical issues, accelerating healing, managing a chronic condition and solving problems with a holistic approach for body, mind, and spirit.

Judith has over twenty years of teaching experience and extensive training in the healing arts. She is a Reiki Master Teacher in two schools of Reiki and is a Certi?ed Energy Health Practitioner.

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