Healthcare Crisis in America?

Healthcare Crisis in America?

Recently, it was brought home to me how serious the Healthcare issue is in our country when I heard that Xpress HealthCare was founded on the fact that over 46 million Americans are living with absolutely no HealthCare coverage.

In fact, the Healthcare crisis in our Nation is such a hot topic that Discount Healthcare Programs were featured on Good Morning America in the America’s Money segment as an excellent and less costly Insurance Alternative.

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Just reading a newspaper or watching a news program on TV is evidence that the Healthcare industry is in an ever growing state of turmoil becoming a national crisis! As Healthcare Insurance rates skyrocket, millions of Americans find themselves choosing between the necessities of food on the table and gas in their car or maintaining their Healthcare Insurance. Unfortunately, many Americans who need to have an affordable alternative do not know Discount Healthcare Benefits even exist.

Our family chooses Discount Healthcare Benefits because they are so much less expensive than traditional insurance and we are able to save a great deal of money each year with the Discount Plans offered for Medical and Dental procedures, Hospital costs, Vision and Hearing Care, Prescriptions, Chiropractic Care, and even non-medical programs for Pet Care, Roadside Assistance, Legal Access and Identity Theft.

Someone approached me after Church on Sunday and said her friend mentioned to her that I was involved in a Healthcare Savings Program. She told me that she had a good job and enjoyed what she was doing but she had no Medical or Dental insurance coverage and her employer will not provide it because of the high cost. She didn’t want to quit her job but she could not afford to buy her own Health Insurance. It was good news to her to learn about our Discount Healthcare Benefits and that it was an affordable Insurance Alternative.

When Employers and small business owners become aware of our programs, they will often agree to provide Benefits or at least pay half of the Employee’s monthly cost because of the tax benefits they will receive by providing Benefits for their Employees. In addition, many Employers and small business owners realize that providing Benefits is an incentives to Employees to stay instead of going to other jobs that provide Benefits

As I mentioned above, Discount Health Benefit companies have various programs to solve not only a family’s Medical, Hospital and Dental needs but also now offer savings on many non-medical needs.

Many families who have Healthcare Insurance coverage through their jobs find these programs are a great supplement to their existing plans by using them to fill the “gap” after they have reached their limits on treatments.

Visit my webpage to learn more about these Discount Healthcare Plans. – they might very well “Benefit” you, your family and your Employer: BENEFITS INFORMATION

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