Vanguard -Savings on your Health Care up to 89%

Vanguard -Savings on your Health Care up to 89%
Through contracts with major PPO networks, Vanguard HSC™ offers access to savings of up to 50% or more through a network of over 350,000 quality providers in all specialties, including:
Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Oncology Surgery

The network includes access to savings of up to 80% from over 3,000 hospitals, MRI clinics, DME providers, and many other types of ancillary services. Finally… you have a healthcare advocate to help you get quality care at an affordable price! The insurance companies and HMO''s often leave the patient in the middle while they find a way to deny or delay care. We put YOU first. Our customer service representatives are trained to help you find the hospital or specialist you need at the lowest possible cost to you. You receive immediate savings without having to file confusing claim forms or waiting for someone to authorize your care.

Vision Care

Vision Care You will receive savings of up to 70% on prescription eyeglasses, mail order contact lenses, eye exams and nonprescription sunglasses. These savings are available through a network of over 8,000 vision centers including:

LensCrafters & EyeMasters
Pearle Vision Center & Vision works
Most Department Store Vision Centers
Numerous Regional & Local Vision Chains

Dental Care

Vanguard HSC, through contracts with two of the country''s premier dental networks, offers you and your family savings of up to 80% on routine dental care. Throughout most of the country of comprehensive oral exam costs as little as $10! You''ll also save 30% to 50% on most major dental work such as crown, root canals, periodontal work, etc. Many members find that their dental work often costs less under the Vanguard HSC program than what they have to pay even with a dental insurance policy! The program even offers substantial savings on orthodontia work so you won''t have to keep putting off braces for the kids. Best of all, there are no restrictions or limitations…you can use the program as often as you need without worrying about annual maximums, waiting periods or pre-existing conditions.

Prescription Drugs

Whether you require brand name or generic drugs, Vanguard HSC''s prescription program will help you save up to 40% on your prescriptions, including many drugs excluded from existing insurance programs, such as: ·

Smoking-Cessation Drugs
Weight Loss Medications
Insulin & Syringes
Anti-Anxiety Agents
You will receive savings from many well known pharmacies nationwide, such as CVS, Walgreens, Eckerds, Duane Reade, Kmart, Grand Union, Safeway, Drug Emporium, Medicine Shoppe, and many more.

Physicians'' House Calls

HouseCalls USA responds quickly to your request, offering you convenience, privacy and skilled medical care from physicians who still make house calls. Our services are available throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our highly trained physicians travel to your hotel room, residence or workplace. Our team of licensed, insured physicians is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to deliver medical care to you. Our physicians handle all types of cases, from sore throats and flu to minor lacerations. We dispense many medications and medical supplies on site at the time of the visit, so you don''t have to search for an open pharmacy and wait in line for a prescription to be filled.

For those who have questions about their symptoms or need medical advise, we offer prompt telephone consultations with our expert physicians. If desired, we can also schedule a same day visit at an appropriate doctors office. For more information, click here.

Long Term Care

Vanguard HSC''s Long Term Care option offers savings on high cost medical care that is generally excluded from Medicare reimbursement, including:

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
Home Healthcare
Personal Care and Homemaker Service
Alzheimer''s and Specialty Care
The Long Term Care Network offers savings of up to 30% on these services. That''s a possible savings of over $10,000 a year! Should you or a loved one require long-term care, Vanguard HSC offers real financial relief

Additional Service

There are a number of other program elements in the Vanguard HSC program including:

Up to 65% savings on well-known brands on hearing aids
20% to 30% savings on chiropractic and alternative care
Toll Free 24-Hour Health Hotline
Air ambulance service at no extra charge when you are traveling
Legal Service Plans
Savings Programs
Vanguard HSC Program

Vanguard HSC - Healthcare Savings Card is a revolutionary non-insurance healthcare program designed to save you thousands of dollars each year on your healthcare costs. Vanguard HSC includes nationwide access to more than 400,000 medical and alternative care doctors, over 3000 hospitals and thousands of dental and vision centers. Our Healthcare Savings Card is also accepted at more than 56,000 retail pharmacy''s and also includes mail order prescription drug fulfillment.

Designed especially for those without health insurance (over 44 million U.S. residents), Vanguard HSC may even be used along with other existing health insurance programs.

Vanguard HSC is a GREAT door opener! Sign up today and begin saving up to 89% on your healthcare needs. Individuals, Families, Businesses, Large Groups may all enroll!

No claims forms;
No pre-existing condition exclusions;
No waiting periods;
No age restrictions;
No annual or lifetime maximums; and
Save up to 89% off your healthcare costs.
Vanguard HSC
The healthcare industry today is in a state of turmoil. Many people feel they cannot get the care they need, nor at a price they can afford. Physicians are often unhappy with the restrictions on the care they can give and the time it takes to be paid for their services. The ever-increasing cost of health insurance often results in benefit cuts on the part of companies who provide insurance for their employees. HSC is not insurance. It is a healthcare savings card.

Many individuals find they are no longer able to purchase full health insurance coverage, and then go without the care they need because they can''t afford it. Vanguard HSC™ answers these concerns with a program that allows individuals to receive quality care at an affordable price. Also, Vanguard HSC™ provides a system that allows the healthcare provider to get immediate payment - at the same rates they receive from an insurance company, but without having to wait 60 to 90 days to get paid. Best of all, there are no pre-existing condition limitations, no claim forms, no waiting periods and no third party to limit the care you can receive or the specialists you are allowed to see.

Medical Savings
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Vanguard HSC?

A. Vanguard HSC is an organization that provides alternative healthcare solutions for businesses across America. Providing non-insurance answers with significant savings on physicians, hospitals, dentists, prescription drugs, vision care, hearing and chiropractic services.

Q. Is Vanguard HSC an insurance program?

A. No, this is not an insurance program. It is a healthcare savings program. It is a way to obtain substantial savings on all of your employees'' healthcare needs.

Q. Why would Vanguard HSC benefit my company?

A. Employee retention is key to the success of a business. The time and cost to train and recruit good employees can have a huge impact on a company''s bottom line. Vanguard HSC allows you to offer your employees a simple solution that would diminish the worry of family healthcare needs and solidify employee loyalty.

Q. How do my employees know if the Vanguard HSC Program is available in their area?

A. Vanguard HSC is available in most parts of the country. To see which providers are available in their area, visit the provider search web site at or ask the person who gave you this information package.

Q. What if I have multiple locations in several states?

A. Vanguard HSC is available in 48 states (California and Washington state are currently not included). Your employees can utilize the program in any of those 48 states.

Q. Do my employees have to file a claim form to get the savings?

A. No, there are no claim forms or other paperwork to file. Most providers will provide them with the network price at the time of service.

Q. What if my employees have a pre-existing condition?

A. Since this is not an insurance program, there are no limitations on the use of the program, regardless of their health condition. There are also no waiting periods or annual or lifetime maximums.

Q. What if an employee quits or is fired, and I hire someone else to replace him or her?

A. If you need to add or release employees, simply notify Vanguard HSC, and these adjustments will be taken care of for you. We do request that you inform the former employee to contact Vanguard HSC if they wish to convert their membership to a personal account.

Q. What makes Vanguard HSC™ different from other companies offering similar programs?

A. Vanguard HSC has proprietary in-house systems to ensure the highest caliber and quality of service. Unlike our competitors, we have a vested interest in the total customer satisfaction of our members. With 50 years of combined experience with major companies, we take our commitment seriously.